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We are the best professional audiobook services agency online.

You've come to the right place if you're having trouble with your digital audiobook. At Book Writing Website, we don't only write books; we also edit and narrate them, so you know your audiobook will be of the greatest quality. Being one of the top audiobook services agency we can also assist you with distributions on iTunes, Audible, Kindle etc. We have produced more than two hundred audiobooks so far, so when we say we’re the best we mean THE BEST.

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Why Should You Hire an Audiobook Services Provider?

You may be wondering if hiring audiobook experts is even worth it. Well, let us tell you why you should hire us:


When you work with Book Writing Website, you save a lot not in terms of money but in time as well. You may think about hiring independent narrators to do your task but most quality narrators are expensive, plus there’s the problem of marketing distribution. With our company you get to have all of these things taken care of with ease and without any hitch.

Professional Quality

The book you've produced is of the highest quality. Your business cards are of high quality. Your website is of a high standard. You've got a high-quality cover design.

So why not make the focus of the release, the actual product you're releasing, as professional as possible? It's not acceptable to record a podcast in your living room with a $50 podcasting microphone. What gives you the right to showcase your work in this subpar manner?

We make sure that you get the best quality service for your audiobooks from narration, to audio editing and producing so that when your readers here they truly live it.

Breathing life into the books

We’re not just professionals, we’re artists. We breathe life into your characters just like Athena did to the clay figure made by Prometheus. We find the voice of each character and then bring them to life. Narration is not simply reading the book, it’s living the moment of each character and our exceptional narrators and artists know very well how to turn pages and ink into real life people.


What do you do after you’ve recorded an excellent audiobook? You move to distributions and that in itself is a hefty task because there are numerous platform each having their own kind of market and niche. We ensure that your audiobook gets the maximum outreach and all your distribution channels are covered. So now all you have to do is wait and reap the rewards of your brilliant idea.

Do You Need Audiobook Narrators For Hire?

If you’ve written a book you most certainly need a narrator. At BWS we have the industry’s best narrators on board with us to fulfill all your requirements. Whether you need someone with a dark gloomy voice or a young cheerful one, our voice artists are capable of producing these sounds and tempo based on the genre of your book. So click below and book our narrator for yourself.

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We have the best audiobook narrators

Being a an audiobook company that has operated for over a decade, we take pride in having the industries best narrators on board with us that not only make your story sound compelling but make it addictive for listeners. This is why we take pride in calling ourselves No 1 in the entire USA.

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Get your audiobook subscription.

Amongst other benefits, we offer unlimited audiobook subscription so that you can make the most out of it from our platform. The audiobook price are reasonable for one-time purchase if you’re selective and if you want to explore the vast sea of audiobooks, getting our unlimited audiobook subscription is the best way to go. Our Human-Read Audiobook services will make you feel inclusive of the story.

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Worried about the cost for an audiobook?

Don’t be, here we make sure that the budget is reasonable enough to not constraint the pockets of the author and at the same time they can avail the max types of services we offer. We also provide marketing services with a cut which covers the extra cost the author might have to bear otherwise. We’re flexible, reliable, and trustworthy because we want you to succeed. In your success lies our success.

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Why should you hire our Audiobook services?

You can make an Audiobook to ensure audience attention is grasped at all times. Every second of the audiobook recording should be captivating. Top audiobook services come with a price.

  • We have over a decade of experience in providing audiobook recording services.
  • Our dedicated team of audiobook experts have the equipment and the talent needed to complete your job.
  • We help you connect with your readers.
  • We ensure that the audiobook process is seamless, captivating, and affordable.
  • We hire audiobook narrators who enchant the audience with their voice from the get go so they don’t lose any attention.
  • Our audiobook price can be compared to anyone in this industry and we still come out on top with the level of services we include in it.

Please contact us and get connected to our customer services representative.

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Looking for audiobook service near me for hire?

Getting an audiobook agency for your book maybe troublesome or perhaps you can be skeptical about it too. Give us a chance to show you what we bring on the table to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

What is our whole audiobook process?

Every audiobook company has their way of going on about the work. Here at Book Writing Website, we have a very seamless process.

Confirm if you have the audio rights to the book by double checking the book contracts (if you have). If you do, you’re considered as a Rights Holder.

Fill out the form on our website and one of our team members will connect with you to get all the information for producing your audiobook.

Once you’ve shared your views, we will hire audiobook narrators from our pool for you to review their samples of reading different parts of your book. The one you connect with the most will then be hired to narrate your work.

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Recordings of every chapter will be shared with you so that you can review and approve them to get the final product.

Once finalized and approved, your audiobook will then be distributed on all platform for maximum results.

Our team of exceptional marketers will take the lead in promoting your book on all social platforms so that everyone can hear about your book.

Once we start we make sure that you get your earnings starting from the first month. So let us help you in making your audiobook a best seller.

First, you place an audiobook request. We then start preparing the script for your book. This step requires special attention to dialect, pronunciation, and names of the places your book discusses.
We can enhance your text to make it sound more engaging. It will improve your listeners' overall experience.
We have fantastic voice-over artists who work with us on books. We dedicate one according to the voice that best fits your project.
To make your projects sound heartwarming and professional, our sound art disciplined team ensures quality.
Our Sound engineers then work on the recording until it gets polished and cleaned. All the noise and distortion is filtered out.
Our voice proofers will carefully listen to every word you speak. It is how the true essence of your message will be conveyed. Your listeners deserve to get a pleasurable experience from the start to the end.

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